How are Veritas Education using Jobatar’s On Demand Video Interviewing to source and recruit top candidates in the Teaching and Education Sector
key advantages
Process applications quickly
Win on quality of hire
Great for our employer branding
About Veritas Education
At Veritas, we firmly believe that one thing that the Recruitment sector and the Education sector have in common is that they are both 100% focused on people. Within our Management team we have over 50 years Recruitment and Education experience between us and we have very clear thoughts about how important person to person relationships are within this industry.

With this in mind, we have a policy of meeting with every single Teacher or Support staff and every single school that we work with to make sure we have the right depth of relationship to do our jobs properly. We also have subsidiary offices and applicants apply from Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada,
Key Benefits of Video Interviewing for Veritas Education
The completion rates for the recorded video interviews are as high as 70/80%, and our clients love the video interviews as the candidates record answers to the questions that they would ask.This offers them so much more than simply sending them a generic CV.

Sharing the candidate Video Profiles & Video Interviews with clients is quick and very easy to do. We can process more applications and spend less time doing it without compromising on quality - video interviewing has become an integral part of our daily recruitment process. We have removed scheduling difficulties and now only invest our time on candidates that we know are strong. Plus, as they are recorded and saved we can always review them many times if need be. The greatest benefit for us is that we are getting our strongest candidates to our clients while our competitors are still scheduling interviews. We also screen and interview overseas candidates in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.Jobatar has saved us time by not having to schedule interviews at unsociable hours. It also gives our candidates more flexibility as they can record the video interviews in their own time.
The Challenges
What are your biggest challenges when hiring education specialist and going through high volumes of CVs? What does your traditional recruitment process look like?
Our traditional recruitment process would include screening applicant CVs and then wasting a lot of time in scheduling telephone interviews. Our consultants were investing a lot of time scheduling interviews and screening countless CVs before we had even interviewed candidates for the role. Jobatar has removed this problem. Now our team only invests their time in candidates that they know are strong, after watching their video interviews.
Candidates don’t live up to a CV
Often a candidate may look great on paper, but when we schedule a telephone or a face to face interview, sometimes they don’t match up to their CV during the interview.
Interviewing overseas candidates.
We source candidates form overseas and waste a lot of time scheduling especially with candidates in different time zones. This often includes out of hours interviewing and problems can arise such as candidates not turning up to the telephone interview, or candidates being of poor quality.
The Solution
Why did you decide to start using Jobatar video interviewing in your hiring process?
We decided to start using video interviewing as we were looking into opportunities to save time in the selection process while improving the quality of hire for our clients. We were also keen to get a competitive advantage over our rival agencies. Video Interviewing justifies our position and strengthens our position on our Clients’ PSL.
How has video interviewing helped to improve your hiring process?

Jobatar has removed the hassle of scheduling phone interviews because we can now send the suitable candidates a link to record the interview, wait for the completed Video Interviews to come through and then share the best ones directly with our clients on the same platform. Jobatar also acts as a collaboration tool between our recruiters and clients, offering a seamless solution and helping to strengthen our relationship with our clients.

Does video Interviewing help Employer Branding ?

From an employment branding perspective, it helps us to stand out and its shows us as a forward looking, progressive agency. The candidate experience is very important and hopefully this helps to bolster our brand.

How many candidates complete interviews today over video interview out of the ones you invite?

Between 70% and 80% of the candidates complete interviews.

Jobatar has streamlined our recruitment operations and enabled us to only spend our time on strong applicants..Jobatar has quickly become an integral part of our recruitment strategy moving forward.
Philip Poole
CEO of Veritas Education