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Invite candidates to One Way or Live Interviews

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Create and schedule interviews

Simply create your interview questions, set the deadline and invites candidates.

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Screen and shortlist candidates

Screen more candidates in less time and review completed interviews quickly and efficiently.



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Comment, rate and share interviews

Gain an insight into personalities and cultural fit and share top candidates’s interview with hiring managers and other stakeholders for their feedback.



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What our clients say
Living Ventures
Sarah Peet - Head of Human Resources, Living Ventures
Video interviewing is a powerful tool for us in particular because we are very progressive brand and we’d like to be able to showcase our brand to people who are applying for positions with us. Video interviewing gives a candidate an opportunity to see the kind of environments they are going to be working in. It gives candidates the insights into our thinking, the fact that we want to move ahead technologically with all of our processes. Video interviewing has saved us a lot of time. Before we could see 2-4 candidates a day. Now we can screen 15-20 candidates within almost the same amount of time.
Lambert Smith Hampton
Mark Winsor - Learning Operations Manager, Human Resources , Lambert Smith Hampton
Video interviewing gives us competitive advantage to hire the best talents as this is something not many of our competitors do. Our challenges are screening high volumes of applications. Previously we based our decisions only on CVs while now we can see the candidates before we invite them for face to face interview. For those candidates who don’t have much experience, it can be difficult to distinguish one from another based on CV. Video interviews have helped us to shortlist candidates far more accurately, so we know that the candidates we select for the first face to face interviews will be much more higher quality.
Eunetworks Gordon Dadds Ashfield Healthcare London City Airport Marks and Spencer Achica