Don't just find more candidates, find the best with Jobatar Video Interviewing

Build your candidate experience from the ground up with Jobatar's fully custom branded interface. Engage with candidates, showcase and communicate your company culture. Flexible for both candidates and recruiters, Jobatar's video interviewing platform enhances your hiring process helping you go beyond CV's and identify the best talent, and in less time.

Multi Device Platform

Jobatar works on your PC, tablet and smart phone. The tablet and mobile app works natively on both IOS and Android operating systems.

Powerful, secure and easy to use technology

Jobatar on demand video interviewing technology has been designed with the user in mind. Set up new interviews quickly and efficiently and create an easier more efficient process for your candidates as well.

Fully customisable candidate experience
Create a video interviewing experience that leaves candidates feeling positive about their interaction with your company. Add your company logo, images, colour scheme and personalise the dashboard with photos of your team members. Create and upload company videos to engage easily with candidates and communicate your company values and culture.
Customisable scheduling and notification setting
Set up and customise candidate notifications. Communicate with your candidates the way that suits you and let Jobatar take care of some of the heavy lifting via automated reminders.
Email & SMS notifications and reminders
Easily set up and schedule notifications. Candidates can be notified both via email and text and automated reminder emails can be sent to candidates who haven’t taken the interview yet.
Social Media Integration
Increase your candidate pool by inviting and connecting with them through Facebook , Linkedin and Twitter. Candidates can also self register via social media links, which boosts your organisations candidate attraction strategy.
Review interviews quickly and easily
Screen more people in less time and review completed interviews quickly and efficiently. Instead of spending 30-60 minutes on one interview, hiring managers and recruiters can now review between 5 – 10 in the same amount of time.
Rate, comment, shortlist and share candidates
Gain insight into personalities and cultural fit and then share your favourite candidates with hiring managers and other stakeholders for their feedback.
Identify the best candidates and make more accurate recruitment decisions.
Analyse candidates and job activity in just few clicks. Get access to detailed analytics of the interview process, track candidates individually and/or collectively.
Choose the best solution for your company
Live Interviews
You can schedule live interviews with candidates on Jobatar platform. Say goodbye to Skype and start using fully branded interface and manage all your candidates from one platform. Send personalised emails, reschedule the interview times and rate candidates after the interview. No software to download, just click the link and you are live.
On-Demand Video Interviews
Jobatar On-Demand Video Interviews allow you to simplify your candidates screening process and free you from the hassle of scheduling interviews. If you are recruiting in high volumes and you need to save time and make more accurate hiring decisions, set up on-demand video interviews and let your candidates to record answers to your questions on their own.
Jobatar enables recruiters and hiring managers to streamline the candidate screening process in a more simple and efficient way, reduce screening time and costs, and boost the employer brand with a completely customisable candidate experience.
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