Preparation Tips

The purpose of video interviewing is to showcase your potential, personality and communication skills. The aim of this page is to helping you to get ready and succeed in your video interview.

Before you start your video interview please watch the tutorial video:

Prepare Beforehand

Don’t leave it until the last minute to test your equipment. Make sure your laptop or mobile device is fully charged, test your camera and microphone settings. Put your laptop or device on Do Not Disturb, blocking all incoming notifications and calls. Turn off Skype and Facetime. Make sure you have nothing running in the background. 


Practice is fundamental to enabling you to effectively  showcase your potential and present yourself in the right way. Don’t look down or away to answers on a piece of papers and try too look at the camera and not on the screen.

Optimise your viewing environment 

Be aware of your lighting, position and background. Make sure you conduct the video in a quiet, well illuminated room. Backgrounds are important – ideally choose  a blank background  to make sure that once the video starts, the focal point will be you.

Dress code 

Dress well – not too informally – and make sure your clothing doesn’t blend in or conflict with the background you choose. Stay away from reds and ‘hot’ colours or tops with patterns or stripes as they don’t translate well on the other side of the screen.


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