How Ashfield Healthcare are using Jobatar video interviewing to find top Healthcare Specialists
key advantages
Process applications quickly
Win on quality of hire
Great for our employer branding
About Ashfield Healthcare
Ashfield is an international healthcare services organisation that redefines outsourcing. From small beginnings in 1997, Ashfield has grown rapidly into an international healthcare services organisation. The organisation has gone from strength to strength, acquiring like-minded businesses, each with a heritage of providing first-class services for its clients.
Now Ashfield has over 5,500 employees and has 22 offices throughout the world. The ongoing success of Ashfield and its ever-growing reputation is proof that Ashfield truly delivers excellence for its clients.
Key Benefits of Video Interviewing for Ashfield Healthcare
We started to test video interviewing firstly with Graduate positions for our clients who are hiring Nationwide. The completion rates for the interviews were as high as 70% and our clients loved it because the Video Interviews offered much more than a generic CV.
Sharing the candidate profiles and video interviews with clients is quick and easy to do.
We can process applications quickly without compromising on quality and video interviewing has become integral part of our daily recruitment process. We have cut down and saved on time by only scheduling interviews and only invest our time in candidates that we know are strong. The other benefit is that we are getting our strongest candidates to our clients while our competitors are still scheduling interviews. We have also rolled out video interviewing to other departments in US.
The Challenges
What are your biggest challenges when hiring healthcare specialist and going through high volumes of CVs? What does your traditional recruitment process look like?
Our traditional recruitment process would include screening applicant CVs and then wasting a lot of time in scheduling telephone interviews. Our consultants were investing a lot of time scheduling interviews and screening countless CVs before we had even interviewed candidates for the role. Jobatar has removed this problem. Now our team only invests their time in candidates that they know are strong, after watching their video interviews. 
How many CVs you receive per job posting?
Around 250-550 CVs per position
How many candidates complete interviews today over video interview out of the ones you invite?
Around 70% of the candidates complete interviews.
The Solution
Why did you decide to start using Jobatar video interviewing in your hiring process?
We decided to start using video interviewing as we were looking into opportunities to save time in the selection process while improving the quality of hire for our clients., and getting a competitive advantage over our rival agencies. Video Interviewing justifies our position and strengthens our position on our Clients PSA
How has video interviewing helped to improve your hiring process?

Jobatar has removed the hassle of scheduling phone interviews because we can now send the suitable candidates a link to record the interview, wait for the completed Video Interviews to come through and then share the best ones directly with our clients on the same platform. Jobatar also acts as a collaboration tool between our recruiters and clients offering a seamless solution, and helping to strengthen our relationship with our clients.

From employer branding perspective, it will help us to stand out and it show us as forward looking company. We have also created branded ‘Welcome videos’ or recorded a video interview from our team for our candidates to watch before they start the interview. The candidate experience is very important, and hopefully helps to bolster our brand .

Jobatar has streamlined our recruitment operations and has helped us process applications quickly and easily without compromising on quality. Jobatar has quickly become an integral part of our recruitment strategy moving forward.
Chloe Henderson
Recruitment Executive at Ashfield Healthcare UK