Torrid winter weather does not have to grind your Recruitment Drive to a halt!


During the cold winter months, icy roads, floods, often results in trains being hit by severe delays and cancelations. Throw seasonal colds and flu into the mix, and all of these factors contribute to candidates and HR Managers having to postpone and reschedule interviews. This can play havoc with your recruitment drive. Don't let your recruitment campaigns grind to a halt in the same way.

Today's most talented candidates are busy and in demand. Once you have a strong candidate penciled in for an interview, then the last thing that you want to do is slow down the process and give your competitors the opportunity to get to them. Now, there is a way, that will keep your hiring schedule on track, even if the train tracks are frozen. Invite your candidates to take a LIVE or an On Demand Video Interview.

What are the 5 key reasons why Video Interviewing is the solution?

  1. A disrupted rail network no longer has to halt your interview schedule. Candidates can now take a Video Interview instead of a telephone interview. A telephone interview often can weaken your employer brand at the earliest stage in the hiring process. Whereas a Video Interview offers strong candidate engagement and strong Employer Branding.
    A Video interview offers your candidates a great way to engage with your Employer Brand. Candidates receive branded text and email invitations. They can watch a welcome video as well as thank you video or notes left by hiring manager.

  2. Your candidates do not have to come into the office and they can save money on commuting as they can complete a video interview across all devices - mobile, tablet and PC. It costs your candidates nothing to complete the interview and they can do it from the comfort of their home.

  3. Using video interviewing can be a great competitive advantage as it helps your company to stand out of the compeitors, show you are forward thinking brand and technologically savvy. You can show your candidates the environments they will be working in early on in the interviewing process with welcome videos.

  4. You can share the interviews with your colleagues or with your clients directly. You can keep all your candidates interviews in one place - on Jobatar, give feedback about the video interviews and then ask your colleagues or clients to do the same. Mutually you can make the best decision about the top candidates (even if your teams are overseas) you would like to invite for the final stage of the hiring process.

  5. Finally you get to watch the candidates completed video answers so you can get a much better idea if they are a good fit for your team, company's culture and the position you are hiring them for. This is something that you can not do over a telephone interview. You will save a lot of time and you can screen candidate more accurately. Its often difficult to make a decision based on a CV and brief phone call while over video interview you can evaluate candidates communications skills and ability to perform under pressure.Want to find out more? Request a free Demo!

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