The traditional telepone interview is going the way of the fax machine


The traditional telephone interview is fast going the way of the fax machine. It has always had limitations in the hiring process. However for the past 20 + years it has been the go to tool for recruiters and hiring managers in the candidate screening and hiring process.

In todays fast paced life, increasing time restraints on both candidates, and hiring mangers has demanded the need for a more efficient, scalable and collaborative solution than the one that can be provided by telephone screening.

Problems with Telephone Interviews include

  1. Investing time in candidates before you know they are going to be a good fit for your organisation

  2. Wasted Time Scheduling telephone interviews difficulties in the process

  3. How many times have you had a 'positive ' interview with a candidate on the phone only to find out that they will not be a good match when you meet them face-face

  4. Due to the fact that it suffers from the same time and scalability constraints as phone screening, even live video interviewing is no longer a practical solution.

These factors slow the hiring process, gives a poor perception of the company's employer brand, and causes frustration for candidates. Companies are learning and implementing new strategies to source, interview and hire top talent. One of the key factors is speed. To interview, makes offers, and secure todays best candidates requires a speedy, strong employer branding process. In most sectors, strong candidates are already accepting competitor's offers while they are still struggling to schedule generic telephone interviews. This is why the hiring cycle and time spent is a key driver for recruiters and HR Teams.

The present & Future is Video Interviewing

Like many technological and social advances that change our lives, only those who have already used video interviewing can truly comprehend how much of a game changer it is in recruitment. Those early adopters who have already replaced phone screening with asynchronous video interviewing have an almost evangelical belief on how it has changed the way they work forever.

Some HR professionals may continue to cling to phone screening longer than they should, but the majority of HR professionals across Europe will soon (if they haven't already) be wondering 'how I ever did this job effectively without the aid of On Demand Recorded video interviews.

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