Simplify Your Hiring Process and Identify The Best Talent


On Demand and Live Video Interviewing

Jobatar’s video interviewing platform simplifies the screening process, offering Talent Acquisition Teams and Recruitment Agencies a more comprehensive picture of each candidate earlier on in the hiring process.

Analyse skills – get insight into personalities and cultural fit.  View, rate and share candidate interviews, – any time from any device – Screen more talent faster, save time and money in the process, bolster employer branding and make better hiring decisions.

Jobatar offers the option of both Live and On Demand Video Interviews.

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  • Easy to set-up

    Set up new interview quickly and efficiently

  • Speed to Hire

    Reduce recruitment time by up to 60%.

  • Cost Saving

    Reduce cost per hire, fill up position faster and reduce travel expenses

  • Candidate Experience

    Enhance the  candidates’ experience, speed up the hiring process  and provide the flexibility that candidates highly value.provide the flexibility that candidates highly value.

  • Employer Brand

    Create a personalised and branded interactions, showcase your company culture  and engage and impress candidates.

  • Analytics

    Get access to detailed analytics of the interview process, track candidates individually  and/or collectively and score them.

  • Quality of Hire

    Identify the best talent and make more informed hiring decisions