Firebrand Apprenticeships are using Jobatar Video Interviewing to find the best Apprentices
key advantages
Candidates No Longer Slipping Through The Net
Shortens Time Spent On Screening Process
Helps To Put The Best Candidates Forward
About Firebrand Apprenticeships
Firebrand Apprenticeships is the only accelerated training provider for Trailblazer IT Apprenticeships in the UK. They have been delivering outstanding higher-level IT training since 2001, providing employers and apprentices alike with the fastest IT training in the industry. Firebrand have been named in the Top 20 IT Training Companies in the World for six consecutive years and has won IT Training Company of the year for three consecutive years.
What they think about Video Interviewing

Jobatar video interviewing has shotened the amount of time it takes us to find the perfect IT apprentice. Video interviewing gives candidates a chance to show their personality and eloborate on manhy aspects of their application in more detail. Allowing us to put them forward for the apprenticeships that suit them the best. Jobatar video interviewing platform has helped us to reduce the screening time dramatically; we are now able to screen around four to five candidates in an hour.

The Challenges
What challenges have you encountered as part of your recruitment process?

We aim to find the perfect apprenticeship candidate for our employers as quickly as possible, no matter where they’re based in the country. Firebrand Apprenticeships offers a free, fast recruitment service to employers hiring an IT apprentice, so we always focus on finding candidates with the relevant personal skills and interest in IT in areas inside and outside of major UK cities.

What was the average number of applications received per job posting?
Between 30-60 applicants, with even more in major towns and cities.
How long, on average, did it previously take to complete a phone screen interview?
It took approximately 45 minutes.
The Solution
Why did you decide to start using Jobatar Video Interviewing in your screening process?
We needed to find a more efficient way of screening candidates for our IT apprenticeship vacancies due to the volume of applicants we receive. It's important that we put forward the best candidates with the right personal skills for the employer as successful candidates will be employed on a two-year contract, so we decided to carry out video interviews to address this.
At what stage during the recruitment process do you find video interviewing most useful?

In the first instance. After ensuring that the applicant has the right qualifications and experience with their CV, video interviewing then gives candidates a chance to show us their personal and communication skills that aren't always reflected in written applications.

Jobatar Video Interviewing has shortened the amount of time it takes us to find the perfect IT apprentice. Video interviewing gives candidates a chance to show their personality and elaborate on many aspects of their application in more detail, allowing u
Catherine Maynard
Apprenticeship Team Leader, Firebrand Apprenticeships
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