How to energise your recruitment campaigns and attract more candidates


There are many aspects at the core of any successful recruitment campaign, but one of the most vital tools in attracting as many suitable candidates as possible is this: engagement. That may sound strange to those who think of engagement as more specifically a tool for marketing teams to engage with existing and potential customers, but the reality is that those two functions - recruitment and marketing - aren't as separate as you might think. If you want to attract the best possible talent to your business, that has to start with encouraging potential employees to engage with your brand and its core values.

The competition for top talent has never been fiercer, and

  • Introducing a marketing mindset into your recruitment strategies

  • Ensuring your marketing team's strategies are aligned with your recruitment goals - can only bring good things.

In both areas, you need to make your brand stand out from the crowd. The key to making sure that customers and candidates alike think of your company as having positive and progressive values is simple: you need to actually have and demonstrate those values.

The most positive brand message in the world will amount to nothing if it's only ever paid lip service.

Show that your brand has

  • Forward-thinking values in how you treat your employees.

  • Show it in your attitudes towards corporate and environmental responsibility.

  • Show it in your charitable enterprises and donations, and in corporate outreach programmes.

When your actions genuinely reflect your stated values, then people will come to closely associate your values with your brand image, just as much as they do any product or service that you offer.

Video content can be a particularly strong way to invite people to engage with your brand and values, and can be a valuable tool in allowing people to see the genuine human personality of your company, rather than some faceless corporate identity. For both marketing and recruitment purposes - as well as in those areas where the functions overlap - videos are the ideal medium for introducing your team and workplace.

It's important to remember to engage employees at all levels through video. People may be interested in hearing what the CEO has to say, but they can be equally interested in the stories of your front line employees, your customer service operators, or your delivery drivers. Those people are as much the face of your company - representing and demonstrating its values - as those at the top.

Here at Jobatar we firmly believe in the value of video in both marketing and recruitment, and understand that it's important to pass on consistent messages about your brand and values whether you are trying to engage customers or candidates. Lambert Smith Hampton provides an excellent example of how the use of video in the recruitment process can help businesses attract and employ the very best candidates.

Contact us today to discuss how Jobatar can help streamline and empower your recruitment campaigns with the introduction of cutting-edge video technologies.

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