Does your company branding really matter in recruiting?


Candidate skills shortage is changing dramatically the recruitment industry landscape, according to ManpowerGroup's Annual Talent Shortage Survey 2015, around 38% of global employers are struggling to find the right candidates to fill the positions and only 1 in 10 are putting in place recruitment strategies to utilise untapped talent pools.

The way companies market themselves to job-seekers is becoming increasingly important, the days top candidates are lining up to apply for a position are long gone; companies need to put recruitment strategies in place to earn the best candidates' attention. Job applicants are turning to social media, internet searches and website, to get an insight about the company culture, how happy their employees are and so on. Companies need to tell their story, spread the employer brand message and communicates with their audience.

Mobile platform begins to dominate every aspect of recruiting, companies are using a different array of tools and method to advertising vacancy, communicate with prospects/candidates, boost the employer brand and to screen candidates.

Video are dominating the recruitment message; online video now accounts for more than 50% of all mobile traffic and companies are taking advantage of this growth using video as a tool for job posting, showcase company culture and video/screen interviewing.

Video can be a great way to boost your employer brand and attract the right candidates; interested job seekers are keen to find out more about the company culture so why not showcasing you company as a great and innovative place to work?

One of the best way to use online video for recruiting is to use it as tool to enhance your recruitment process. Video interviewing provide a positive candidates experience and transform candidates into brand ambassador letting you connecting with them on a more meaningful level by sharing your company culture and value. It also speeds up the hiring process providing the flexibility that candidates highly value.

 Is employer branding important then? The answer is certainly it is, get your brand message out, keep the conversation going through social media and the company website, engage with job-seeker and provide a fun and smooth candidates experience during the recruitment process. 

The war for talent is not over; candidate experience is a key factor in a talent acquisition strategy and employers should be focussing on integrating new technology and best practices into their recruitment processes to give their overall talent acquisition strategy a competitive edge and deliver the best candidates experience possible.

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